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Producing marketing content for healthcare technology products can be a tricky and laborious process as ensuring any outputs are tailored, appropriate and actionable depends on an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and the environment you are selling into. Marketing content is key for brand recognition, value proposition awareness and developing your USP.


Companies either looking to sell into the UK market or healthcare for the first time (or even just review and improve their existing content), face several challenges in ensuring what they produce is relevant to their prospective customers and is joined up across their entire marketing portfolio. This can include:

  • Product and company websites

  • One pagers detailing the solution and any associated benefits or value

  • Longer form white papers which offer a deeper dive into the product

  • Thought leadership content

  • Social media content

  • Content to support sales activities (direct sales, reseller/distributor activities, conference content)

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In our experience, there are three main challenges that any product company faces when looking to sell into a healthcare market. Understanding these hurdles allows for better strategic planning and a more appropriate marketing content output. The challenges are:


1. Stakeholder mapping and understanding

If you map the list of stakeholder groups that can be affected by the deployment of any product, they can number well into double figures. Each of those groups, whether it be clinical or administrative, executive or IT, senior or junior will have very different agendas, languages used and thoughts on what constitutes ‘value’ or ‘success’ for a particular product. Understanding these nuances are critical to developing the best tailored content to the right people at the right time.


2. Product differentiation

In many product areas, healthcare is a mature marketplace, at least in terms of possible entrants if not adoption. This means that for prospective procurements there may be dozens of competitors or substitutes that could be used instead. Understanding the policy, regulatory and financial landscapes of who you are selling to is critical to show customers you truly understand their pain points and whey your product is best placed to overcome them.


3. A unified approach

One of the biggest pitfalls in marketing is a lack of joined-up thinking across the content areas discussed above. If, for example, your white paper doesn’t follow the same themes, value proposition strands and language as your website, customer confusion and poor comprehension will result. Each and every output you create has to resonate to the same people in the same way.

Our solution

At the AbedGraham Group, we have written marketing content in all areas for global, multi-national corporations down to local SMEs and start-ups. Our diverse clinical backgrounds and deep understanding of the healthcare market mean that we can create and tailor your marketing content such that it resonates more than your competitors. Ensuring holistic, healthcare-specific marketing content is the only way to stand out in a crowded market. For healthcare technology vendors of any size, we can provide:

  • A full review of your existing marketing content across all areas from our clinical strategic experts

  • Creating website content

  • Developing one pagers or full white papers for your products in healthcare

  • Acting as independent or white-labelled experts to provide thought leadership content

  • Developing and creating social media campaigns

  • Tailoring product content for events or for applicable third parties (resellers, distributors, other partners).

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