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Cyber-attacks against healthcare IT companies and infrastructure suppliers to healthcare organisations have increased dramatically over the past five years. These attacks can shutdown hospitals, bankrupt companies and lead to major fines across multiple jurisdictions.

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Surviving a cyber-attack depends on an appropriate response by C-level management to the dynamic challenge of handling the demands of attackers, the media, staff, customers, partners, law enforcement and regulators. C-level executives and their teams are not traditionally trained to handle these types of crisis.

Our solution

With our extensive experience of both local and national security environments we can create an immersive one-day experience of a disruptive cyber-attack on your organisation and replicate the questions, challenges and scenarios your leadership team will face in the course of a cyber-crisis. This will be followed up with a report of areas that can be improved upon within your organisation to improve your response and resiliency to a real-world event.

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