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Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)


It is essential that any digital health technologies that will be used in the NHS or social care are properly assessed to ensure they meet quality standards and are safe for use – which is where DTAC comes in.

Learn more about how we can prepare you to fulfil the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) used by healthcare organisations in the NHS to assess prospective vendors

What is DTAC?

The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) was officially launched in 2021 by the NHS, and acts as a centrally developed guide for healthcare organisations in the UK. Its primary purpose is to perform an initial vetting exercise on digital health technology vendors across a number of compliance areas. This provides NHS stakeholders, staff members and patients with the confidence that any healthcare technology they are using meets standards for reliability and safety. 


These criteria are now increasingly being put in front of technology vendors prior to any procurement or even an initial pilot exercise, meaning that compliance with these areas can now become a barrier to procurement.

DTAC Compliance: What You Need to Know

In order to be DTAC compliant and for your technology to be used in the NHS and social care, you must meet standards set out in the official NHS Digital Technology Assessment Criteria. It is important to review these standards to see whether your digital health technology is likely to meet the criteria or whether it may need to be adapted.


Speak to The AbedGraham Group about your healthcare technology requirements, and we will guide you through the process of completing all necessary criteria.

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What Does a DTAC Assessment Cover?

The DTAC assessment covers each of the following criteria. In order to pass the DTAC assessment, you need to meet all requirements in each of these areas:

Value Proposition

This is considered a ‘non-assessed section’ but evidence of utility, value proposition, proposed benefits and user journeys used in the development of the product digital health technology are expected to be included here.

Clinical Safety

Full compliance with DCB0129, provision of a named Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) and Medical Device Eligibility are required in this section.

Data protection

A nominated Data Protection Officer (DPO), Data Security and Protection Toolkit compliance, related Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and mitigations need to be outlined here.

Technical Security

A range of technical security questions and processes need to be answered or provided here.

Interoperability Criteria

Compliance with interoperability standards, best practices and personal health data standards needs to be shown in this section.

Key Principles for Success

In this section, vendors need to document or provide compliance with usability and accessibility and information about their ways of developing and maintaining the product in line with the NHS Service Standard Points.

How Can We Help With Your NHS DTAC Assessment?

At the AbedGraham Group, we can assist vendors of any size in navigating the complexities of these healthcare compliance standards and ensuring true ongoing quality. We have undertaken DTAC compliance work for companies across the full spectrum of healthcare and can help in all the categories mentioned above. Our rapid, cost-effective 'DTAC Gap-Analysis Service' allows vendors of any compliance level to swiftly see where their DTAC compliance stands and understand how we can support your organisation to effectively complete the outstanding areas of their DTAC submission including:

  • Value Proposition – Our extensive benefits realisation expertise can be included here

  • Clinical Safety – As one of the longest serving providers of DCB0129 services in the UK, we can manage all aspects of this area on your behalf

  • Data Protection – Our experience in data protection allows us to answer any DSP Toolkit or DPIA questions you may have

  • Technical, Interoperability and Key Principles for Success – Our extensive client work has given us an unrivalled ability to manage any vendor through the suite of technical and user questions provided

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Ready To Speak to One of the team?

If you need help with your NHS DTAC assessment, or any other healthcare legislation, partnering with The AbedGraham Group will ensure your applications run smoothly and that you are able to operate in the healthcare sector.

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