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Dr Abed is a highly sought after speaker and industry leader on all matters related to healthcare cybersecurity and international relations

The AbedGraham Group was founded in 2011 by two UK doctors, Dr Saif Abed and Dr Alexander Graham with a vision of bringing clinical leadership and engagement to the world of healthcare IT.

As The AbedGraham Group has grown, Dr Abed has emerged as the global authority on all aspects of cybersecurity in healthcare through multiple roles and engagements as an advisor to the UK government, European Commission, and as an independent consultant to the Biosecurity and Health Security Protection (BSP) Unit of the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, Dr Graham has established his position as the leading expert in the UK on all aspects of the mandatory DCB0129 Clinical Risk Compliance Standard for health IT vendors. He is also highly sought after by vendors to support their national and regional contract bids due to his unrivalled track record of success.

Today, The AbedGraham Group stands as the most trusted clinically led consultancy in UK and European healthcare and has been involved in the delivery of some of the sector's most ambitious regional and national cybersecurity and digital transformation projects with its clients.

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