01. What are Strategic Advisory (SA) Services?

Health IT vendors, medical device manufacturers, cybersecurity companies and Managed Service Providers all need value propositions and strategic communications tailored to individual healthcare markets. SA Services enable these to be developed through granular market expertise and data driven engagement with your customers

03. What's the consultation process?

Each engagement typically lasts between 4-8 weeks depending on complexity and involves a series of workshops, stakeholder interviews and expert led research culminating in appropriate reports, presentations, bid and marketing content being developed.

02. Which services would we need?

For new market entrants, value proposition development and market landscape analysis are the recommended services. For existing market leaders, use case development, marketing content localisation, benefits realisation studies and bid optimisation services are the most sought after activities.

04. How can The AbedGraham Group help?

Our clinical consultants are sought after by the industry's market leaders on a regular basis to define their messaging and help them win some of the largest health IT and cybersecurity contracts in European healthcare. Their unparalleled expertise can swiftly position your organisation for sustainable success.

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