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01. What is DCB0129?

DCB0129 is a mandatory clinical risk management standard that applies to all health IT vendors, medical device manufacturers and network infrastructure suppliers operating in the NHS in England and is prioritised in the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) for procurement for NHS organisations.

03. How do we become compliant?

To become compliant requires the preparation of a range of risk analysis documents that are clearly defined by central NHS agencies (previously NHS Digital) and the appointment of a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO) that is a suitably accredited clinician with a risk management background that is trained in the application of the DCB0129 standard. 

02. Does DCB0129 apply to my company?

Any technology that could cause a patient safety issue if it is compromised due to either technical errors or cybersecurity incidents would be classified as in scope of DCB0129. This includes network infrastructure (e.g. switches, routers, security appliances and servers) as well as clinical applications and medical devices.

04. How can The AbedGraham Group help?

Our CSOs are accredited by NHS Digital and are globally renowned clinical risk management and healthcare cybersecurity experts. We will complete all your documentation rapidly (e.g. Clinical Safety Case Report, Hazard Log) and act as your representatives with NHS organisations and regulatory authorities.

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