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Developed by clinical risk experts.

Validated by physicians.

Go beyond technical security metrics to understand the true patient safety and clinical workflow disruption risks your health system faces.

Enquire today and start using the industry's first Clinical Security Analytics Platform to guide your remediation strategies.

Built for Healthcare by Healthcare Professionals.

[CCOM²] is a Clinical Security Analytics Platform developed by physicians specialising in risk and cybersecurity that translates asset vulnerability data points into meaningful, actionable patient safety and clinical workflow disruption risk impact metrics.

C-Level Engagement requires C-Level Metrics.

[CCOM²] utilizes a suite of physician developed algorithms to translate technical vulnerability data into metrics and rankings relating to patient safety risks, clinical workflow disruption, financial losses and regulatory breaches.

These insights enhance remediation strategies and empower collaboration between security and clinical stakeholders.[CCOM²] also integrates with a range of 3rd party security platforms including IoT scanners, SIEMs and SOAR solutions.

Our native integrations with leading security suppliers mean we can rapidly optimize our deployments for even the most complex health systems. Contact our team today to find out about our 3rd party integrations.

Real-Time Analytics Driven by Clinical Risk.

Hospitals are complex but by combining the expertise of our physicians and risk experts we have developed exhaustive algorithms that factor interactions that standard security solutions simply can't handle.

Reimbursement models, clinical workflows, clinician user behaviours, privacy regulations, global security standards, clinical application criticality, institution types, their variations and more have been mapped individually and together to give you a True View of every endpoint's contextual risk profile.

Contact us today and bring clinical insights to your risk management strategy.

Drive HIPAA Compliance.

Patch management is part of the HIPAA Security Management Process Standard and an effective patching strategy depends on having a risk assessment process that appropriately analyzes assets and vulnerabilities.


[CCOM²] automatically ranks assets and vulnerabilities based on severity scores linked to tangible patient harm, clinical service disruption and ePHI compromise potential.

Place [CCOM²] at the core of your HIPAA Compliance Strategy to guide your actions and minimise your financial and regulatory exposure.


Setup your Organisation in 3 Simple Steps.


Pick a Plan That Works for You

Browse our [CCOM²] plans (Sensor+ or Managed Service), select any 3rd party integrations and contact us to request a demo or pilot.


Securely Upload Your Data

Once your account is setup you can upload CSV through a dedicated [CCOM²] Portal Page or real-time data uploads through the 3rd party solution of your choice.


View and Download Your Results

View and download  your real-time clinical security analytics through your  3rd party solution of choice or the [CCOM²] portal.

Flexible Plans Built for Scale.

Our plans are built to fit the needs of every healthcare organisation from the smallest to the largest, single analysts to multiple risk teams and from thousands to hundreds of thousands of assets to analyse. 

IoT Sensor+

The Managed Service

Enrich IoT Analytics

Add Clinical Risk Analytics to IoT Vulnerability Sensor Data

[CCOM²] can be integrated with deployments of leading medical IoT security platforms.


Our native integration with platforms such as Cylera's MedCommand™ delivers optimized clinical analytics through a single pane of glass. 

The Ultimate Clinical Risk Management Service

Clinical Risk Analytics combined with Real-Time Remediation Guidance

[CCOM²] can be deployed as part of an end to end service including an IoT sensor solution, threat analytics solution, SIEM and SOAR capabilities.


This unique service leverages real-time clinical risk analytics to guide remediation and security control actions across a health system.


Want to become a [CCOM²] Technology Partner?

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